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Beghees are human males genetically altered into blind eunuchs before birth. They are not considered true males, but average pets that range from pedigree to common household variety. Most are not very expensive; however the more pure the breed the more costly. All are pre-natally created and are born with no eyes. A motion sensor is placed in the middle of their forehead after birth and they are equipped with a spinal collar and security gloves. They are taught tricks for the amusement of their masters and are also used by the wealthy as decor. Less expensive or defective beghee are also occasionally used as cheap and disposable labor.

Tracking beghee are partially blind eunuchs created with the purpose of tracking down slaves, militant troops and enemy camps. They are also a cheap form of recon equipped with a special long-range sensory system capable of honing in on the most elusive of targets.

Royal beghee are blind eunuch designed for the security of the king and are the highest level of pedigree of their species. They appear week and docile, but are the most agile of their kind with an uncanny strength and savagery to match. Their intelligence is also elevated to ensure discipline and perform more complex functions some speech; cold morbid and uncaring voices that emanate from cracks, corners, behind and beneath things, but never directly from themselves. Royal beghee do not wear spinal collars, but are equipped with the most upgrade motion sensory system making it virtually impossible for an intruder to enter King Tewa's palace undetected. Once discovered, there is no escape. A nightmarish game of cat and mouse insues as these deceptively tame creatures play with their victim before inevitably slaying their quarry.