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Mug in ghehod means "lord" and "ghee" means man, specifically human or mankind. The Mugghee is the ruler of mankind and being so, under Kreg Ny law there can only be one male king. The Mugghee is considered an individual entity unto himself. He is the only male other than eunuchs able to legally live on earth. The king is an unaltered male of pedigree breeding. He lives an official and busy lifestyle and is primarily responsible for keeping order on the planet. The Mugghee is not allowed to create any civil law; those matters are left to the tribal sisterhoods and their chieftesses.

The king acts as governor and representative of the world under earth's owner Kreg Ny Vit, an alien global reality tycoon who bought the chaotic world and transformed it into one of his many private vacation estates. The Mugghee serves the Vit by performing his expected earthly duties. They are as follows.

The king of mankind serves as the symbol of masculinity in the tribal neo-amazon societies. This gives him token dominion over his female subjects as the only male allowed any official title. He is purely a ceremonial figure in this capacity. He is looked upon with great curiosity, as he is rarely seen, and held in high regards as a symbol of affection, but not power.

The king of mankind serves as the unifying authority of the tribal sisterhoods. Many neo-amazon communities are independent city-states; therefore all tribes and their cities are unified under the Mugghee. Through this unity conflicts between neo-amazon tribes and their various city-states are few with grievances being settled in the court of the king, but not by the king, but a panel of court princesses.

The king of mankind serves as the enforcer of Kreg Ny law. These ordinances prohibit all unaltered human males the right to inhabit the earth. The king is exempt from these laws, but must enforce them as well as exterminate any wild male humans (bootoo) that exist in wilderness territories. The king also regulates the visit of legally registered males (hugghee) who temporarily travel to earth to breed.

The king of mankind serves as the prime alpha male of his species. As the Mugghee he has absolute dominion over all other males of his kind and is given little definition to the extent of his power when in regard to other men. There are some laws, however, the king must abide by (Ghehod property acts and Kreg Ny laws) when dealing with owned or wild males.

Other than these duties and some ceremonial obligations the king is free to live a grand life of simple tribal luxury. He is given any simple pleasure he desires, including concubines and may have as many daughters (princesses) as he wishes, but may only have one son. Once a prince is born the king must perform his last duty," the eve of ascension", the day of the ceremonial slaughter of the king. He is locked alone in his palaces with his eunuchs who spend the day nightmarishly hunting him down in the darkness until he is dead. The new king, never having seen his father is then placed into power and brought up by the court princesses.