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The Bossee are a forbidden rogue military regime also known as the sisterhood of Tyrus. They are an elusive group of militant caste laborers made up of mostly miners, earthmovers and masons. The leader of this sisterhood is always kept anonymous and only referred to as Ms. Bossee. It is said that these tired serfs of society established their illegal order after a group of miners had unearth the secrets to earths past and what could be its future.

In the age before the mugghee kings, during the magsee uprisings that lead to the Mahug expulsion from earth, the bossee used their knowledge of the past to seize power, gaining control over not only the planet but also the magsee. Earth became a global militaristic regime under the bossee. They attempted to bring the world back to the old ways. The ways of Tyrus, when women and men ruled together under the unity of military might.

After the Kreg Ny holocaust - a single attack, which destroyed much of the world - Human society, was re-organized by its new outer planetary master. A king was placed on earth to serve as governor. The magsee were restored to power and the bossee were forbidden.

Secretly the bossee still exist, waiting dormant to free earth from all nonhuman dominance. Waiting with the secrets and belief in a demigod from the old world that was buried within the earth. They preach that this war god, once awakened would unite the people, restore the world and fulfill Tyrus's dream of a free earth.