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Earths neo-amazon society works within a strict cast system. One is born into her place in society and is not encouraged to move beyond it. This system is strongly valued through out many communities, but not all. Enforcement of this system is left up to individual magsee in their own city-states. Some magsee prefer to go by ridged codes to ensure order among her people, while others may adopt more relaxed caste within their city; however all magsee believe the system is necessary to keep civility and peace among earths diminishing population.

Neo-amazonia castes are divided into six categories on the basis of their intrinsic qualities. The highest of these is the mugghee king, who as the only male in society is a caste unto himself. He provides grace and unity among the tribal sisterhoods. The king also acts as inter-dimensional governor and enforcer of Kreg Ny laws.

Next are the magsee chieftesses who are primarily concerned with defense and governance of their individual city-states. These ruling warrioress are only united under the king.

Then there are the mugmagsee princesses who are made up of daughters, concubines and favorites of the past and present king. The princesses are responsible with taking care of all royal matters for the king.

After that their are the thinkers, philosophers, teachers and physicians. Their role is to provide health, guidance and intellectual sustenance to the mugmagsee princesses who then regulate and provide such knowledge to the public.

The csaesee merchants and craftswomen are next. Csaesee make up a very diverse group with many specified jobs within their category. They make their living primarily on the government endorsed global barter system. The highest of the csaesee caste are the landowners, Women who have received gifts of land from magsee in return for excellence or longevity in military duty. They are important in society because they provide a main source of food and shelter for rural communities. Carpenters, whose duties range from making furniture to building houses; Merchants shop owners, inn-keepers and market venders, who are societies outlet for bartering goods; Fisherwomen, who provide earths most abundant food source; Huntresses, who bring a variety of wild game and rare meats to the market; Potters, wealthy artisans who supply merchants with a variety of different ceramics from dinnerware to roofing shingles; Artist, providing art for ceremonies, funerals, home decor and educational value; Musicians - the only untaxed members of society who are revered in an almost divine sense and are allowed to freely mingle and entertain all castes.

And lastly is the ced serf laborers who's living is dependent on the need of others. They vary in their job positions, from herdswomen, miners, dung handlers to farmhands. Most, however are no more than household servants. A ced usually live on the estate or in the home of a higher cast. Those of this caste do not own very much if anything at all and are usually discouraged or prevented from gaining by their employer. They are generally looked down upon, and taken advantage of, especially by those they work for.

The kings credit: each citizen must carry a citizenship tag placed openly upon the center of her chest. This small techno card stores all pertainate information on its wearer, name, caste, origin, etc. The kings credit are also store within the tag for each individual.

Earths economy works within a barter system with goods and services being traded for tax. Bartered items, which make up the bulk of commercial transactions, are reviewed once a quarter by the magsee within their own territories to access how much in goods and services are to be taxed for that period. The king takes a percentage of items or services from each magsee city-state per year. These items are sold off world for new technologies, supplies, hugghee breeders, etc. Kings credits are given to the magsee in trade for these goods. The magsee then disperse those credits down to the different castes as a form of digital money to be entered into their citizenship tags.