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Rex Kenneth Trudeaux was the nephew of chairman Tyrus Trudeaux of the United Global Sectors. He was the son of Tyrus's older sister Teresa "Trudeaux" Connaugh and Irish banker Kenneth Henry Connaugh. Rex grew up on a private island off the coast of Ireland and spent some of his time at the Trudeaux family complex in Canada. He was raised amid the society and super-science that came with his name, a name his mother was insistent on him holding before that of his fathers. Rex was educated by the finest instructors the Global Sectors had to offer and he quickly developed an aptitude in technology and reconnoiter intelligence.

Rex's talents soon caught the eye of his uncle who immediately drafted him into his fascist global movement, assigning him as a sector control security agent specializing in technological discovery and covert information. Rex was considered reckless and mentally unstable by his supervisors and peers. His assignments; though successful to some degree, always ended with many casualties, almost no living prisoners and constantly with an unpredictable outcome.

With only two years of security duty Rex was promoted to a security administrator in the Sector of Siberia. He was seen by many as a frivolous madman whom the chairman placed in the remote area to keep him out of heavy politics. After being genetically enhanced, a standard procedure for Trudeaux family members working in government, he quickly moved up in favor with his uncle and was soon placed as sector security minister of Siberia under Governor Petar Zohochev. Even in this position many including the governor saw Rex as nothing more than an insane egomaniac climbing the Trudeaux ladder of nepotism.

After only a couple of years gaining his uncle Tyrus's full trust, Rex was appointed the confidential task of creating the secret experimental X1 base. This base was an installation designed to place Trudeaux family members, sector officials and their staff in long term sleep stasis in the event of a major global disaster. The X1 base was under constant construction and given continual increases in funding to develope new secret weapons, programs and departments.

During the Ghehod wars of the late twenty first century, Rex spent much of his time overseeing the unceasing upgrade of X1.He also kept up with his normal duties of security minister by keeping down sedition and outside infiltration of his sector. These attempts slowly diminished as Rex's image changed from insignificantly frivolous to unpredictably demented. Spies and seditionist were dealt with harshly, Rex having them peeled, filleted and even boiled alive publicly, all with the pageantry of a Christmas festival.

Chairman Tyrus, though disapproving of Rex's tactics and despite complaints from Governor Zohochev, retained Rex under the Siberian sector for his technological skills in order to further his special programs, which were vital to the war with the Ghehods. These were special agenda's that Rex worked tirelessly for to please his uncle and that would wipe away the atroscities that he committed to keep the creation of X1 hidden.

Governor Zohochev became increasily displeased with his security minister's unpredictable state of mind. The governor devised a secret plan to assassinate Rex Trudeaux. Zohochev was unaware however that Rex had formed a secret Siberian government with the full consent of the chairman. Nothing escaped Rex's knowledge in the sector and the power in which he secretly held enabled him to orchestrate an almost effortless coup against the governor and his other ministers. They were put on trial for not only their crimes but were also blamed for Rex's, then publicly executed immediately after.

Rex was placed as vice governor under Zohochev's replacement, Pasco Bloom, a British sector diplomat. Governor Bloom ruled with indifference leaving much of government affairs to Rex. Over the next four years he would sculpt a mighty Siberian sectorial state. Upon the retirement of Pasco bloom, Rex was appointed Governor of the Sector of Siberia; however shortly after Rex took office Chairman Tyrus Trudeaux, ruler of the United Global Sectors was assassinated. This unfortunate occurrence left the newly appointed Governor Trudeaux unprotected from his enemies and Tyrus's squabbling siblings and offspring.

A new chairman came into power a year after Tyrus's demise. He was Linus Kenver Trudeaux, the second eldest son of Tyrus. Chairman Linus Trudeaux had no love and less tolerance for his cousin Rex; therefore his first act was to order the removal of the Siberian governor from office. Rex, whom had spent a year preparing for confrontation refused to step down, declared Siberia an independent state and he its supreme sectorial ruler. Though braced for battle, war quickly engulfed his sector. During the war Rex's insanity reached new levels, creating him new enemies, even from sectors once allied with him. The war did not go easy for either side. Chairman Trudeaux was fighting a wars on three fronts, the Ghehod war against the alien plunderers, war with non-sectored nations hoping to seize more territory and civil war against the rogue Sector of Siberia. Rex used most of the secret weapons and programs at his disposal. He also used non-sector nation support and was able to hold off the majority of sectors that waged war against him; nevertheless, inevitably his madness began to affect his judgment. Supreme Governor Rex Trudeaux's Siberian empire was soon over run and conquered.

Chairman Linus Trudeaux discovered the secret X1 base shortly after the invasion of Siberia, despite Rex's attempt to scuttle it and divert information of its existence. Almost immediately after the capture of Rex and his X1 base, Linus began making use of his newly acquired information, transferring all pertainate programs and documents to his other sectors. The Chairman then chose to keep the base a secret though all use had been strip from it. Here he decided to imprison his cousin in sleep stasis sealed miles beneath Siberia to exist, but to be forgotten, to be alive; yet to be alone for all time. The X1 base would now become an insane asylum. A place buried deep within the earth that Linus would rename "Purgatory" and its only prisoner would be known as the inmate "REX-X1.