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In the mid twenty first century, global dictator, Chairman Tyrus Trudeaux of the United Global Sectors rules over two thirds of earth. This biotech multitrillionaire and leading global citizen achieved the power of an emperor many times over, creating a mighty superhuman dynasty. Tyrus and his family of self genetically altered humans spread their dominion over earth with Chairman Trudeaux setting many of his relatives as governors and potentates over what he established as sectored global territory.

In the late twenty first century earth comes under attack by an alien sub-dimensional force known as the Ghehod. These bizarre creatures began to shift earth back and forth from our existence into theirs using a dimensional slip devise; a technology by which they temporarily displace and pull entire worlds into their reality for the purpose of sending paid mercenaries to plunder and pillage minerals, water and most of all slaves.

Tyrus Trudeaux lead the fight against this strange invasion, forging himself from a fascist dictator to a beloved global hero and for a while he held them back by armed force, dimensional espionage and back alley diplomacy. Inspired by adoration and praise Tyrus began to take on his role as a benevolent ruler. He reverses many of his strict mandates and shifts from nationalistic pride to humanistic cause.

Tyrus rallied earth to one cause "the survival of mankind". Dominion of earth by humanity was his primary goal and vital to earths defense. Under his leadership the world had finally found true unity against its netherworldly foe, but only for a short while...Chairman Tyrus Trudeaux was assassinated before his dream of a safe earth was secure.

Tyrus's weak and squabbling offspring took power after his untimely death. His second eldest son Linus Kenver Trudeaux gained power over the Trudeaux chairmanship, but not over his siblings or his late fathers siblings, who began stirring back fascism and strict mandates over their sectors.

Ultimately the Trudeaux dynasty fell into disarray. War with family members and their sectors became common. Each selling one another and the human race out for higher stakes. Most were soon assassinated, imprisoned, publicly executed or simply disappeared.

Amid the anarchy of civil war and global disasters caused by dimensional shifting, earth soon fell to the Ghehod and now exists permanently within their dimension as an occupied territory. Tyrus Trudeaux's dream has all but been abandoned...