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Hugghee are unaltered males used for breeding the human race (an endangered species) back into existence. Due to the transevolution directives of the twenty third century, hugghee are extremely rare and do not live inhabit earth, but live pampered lifestyles free from worry on other worlds and abroad. Under Kreg Ny law it is illegal for any human male to live on earth. Hugghee may only visit on short-term business. There are three main classes of hugghee, slave, company, free and honorable.

A single owner owns slave class hugghee. They are usually used by private collectors and their associates to breed other hugghee for private sell or furthering an existing collection. Only the wealthiest of multi-dimensional society can afford them due to their rarity.

Company class hugghee are owned or work as employees of a company. These companies specialize in the breeding of uncommon or exceptional species. These hugghee are used by company clients (usually other business) to increase their human stock.

Free class hugghee are emancipated or freeborn legal human males. They usually hire themselves out to private clients, collectors and reserves for breeding. Some may also lease themselves out for other tasks such as decor, entertainment and companionship to name a few.

All hugghee are very well taken care of and given great allowances in society. All are given a standard education, discipline and etiquette. Hugghee are generally all of, considering themselves the highest of human class and fortunate for their exclusive positions.